Sliding Doors

Conventional sliding doors have proven themselves to be practical, versatile and economical. The standard slider can provide up to half the frame width opening and comes in two, three or four panel configurations.

Product Features

  • Choice of six different suites ranging from Residential, Architectural to Commercial.
  • Option for a standard water rating sill or an option for a sump sill for very high water performance.
  • Double woolpile all round to reduce air infiltration, and helps to reduce water penetration.
  • Runs smoothly with heavy duty rollers.
  • Variety of locks available including colour match  or stainless steel.
  • Able to accept double glazed panels.
  • Keyed lock on inside and outside.
  • External flyscreen or security screens.
  • Weather proof or recessed track.
  • Option for colonial bars.


  • Series 471 Sliding Door Suite
  • Series 541 Residential Suite
  • Series 542 Residential Suite
  • Series 618 Magnum Suite
  • Series 702 SlideMaster Suite
  • Series 704 SlideMaster Suite



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