Our Point of Difference

When building your home you want to make sure the products that you select are right for you. Home owners increasingly understand the importance of windows and doors in creating a functional, visually attractive and liveable home. With glass making up such a large component of your homes external surface, choosing the right windows and doors is one of the most important decisions you will make.

At Langford Windows our aim is to make this process as stress free and easy as possible. We first began manufacturing windows and doors in 1966, and collectively have over 250 years of experience throughout our staff. This experience is available to you to help determine the optimum arrangement of windows and doors for your project. We know our product; we know what works and what can be achieved.

Right from the design / concept stage, our customers, often with their builder and / or architect visit our showroom and take the time to go through, window by window, exploring the best possible solutions. On display at our showroom we have a range of window and door types, colour samples, hardware selections and project photo galleries. We take the time to explain and explore it all. We are often invited by our customers into their new home at completion to see the finished results.

A concept meeting at the design stage can often lead to a change in ideas and modification to their floor plan. Once customers realise the vast array of option available to them, relocating a structural post for a corner opening stacking or bifold door can change the look and flow of a room. Or modifying a wall to allow a cavity stacking door can open up a whole new view. Newcastle has the perfect climate to take advantage of these unique and wonderful features to truly allow the home to be opened up when needed but securely closed up as required.

Our vast array of products allows us to tailor the optimum product for your particular application.

We are an Australian Window Association (AWA) member. This membership ensures that our windows and doors meet the Australian standards and we are audited to ensure compliance annually.
Pricing should not be the only considering in the selection process. Value for you and your home need to be taken into consideration. Quality and custom manufactured products deliver superior outcomes.

Why choose Langford Windows

Product Features

  • Our louvre windows are a wider profile. The flyscreen is integrated into our frame, allowing your to have 152mm wide blade that fully open, without ugly clips or turn buckles.
  • Our screen doors use a heavy extrusion which generally means that midrails are not required in the screen doors. There is no point in having large expanses of glass, if it is then barricaded by rails in the screen doors.
  • Our screen doors have rollers top and bottom, which mean the screen doors can be lifted into place, the rollers are then adjusted. This means your flyscreens won't fall off their tracks.
  • Our flyscreen rollers are adjustable spring loaded, roller bearing rollers, with large nylon wheels. These are more durable than other rollers available.
  • We use extruded flyscreen profiles, not rolled form. This means the frame is stronger and sturdier.
  • We use glazing rubber around our glass meaning our glass is cushioned both on the inside and outside. There is no glass and metal contact. This reduces the likelihood of the glass rattling and cracking.
  • We use breezeway galleries in our louvre windows. These are recognised as the market leaders for louvre galleries, offering a superior product. Our louvre frame is specifically design to accept theses galleries. They snap into our fame, eliminating the need for the galleries to be screwed onto the face of the window.
  • We use a minimum of 4mm glass in our windows. This is above the Australian Standard requirements. We use a minimum of 5mm glass (but often 6.38mm) in our doors. This is above the Australian Standard requirements.

After Sales Service

  • After the building process your windows and doors may need some final adjustments to ensure correct operation. You need to have a window supplier that is able to service your need. We stand by our products, and happy service our windows and doors to rectify and issues that may arise. Out of town company may find it difficult to offer the after sales service that we pride ourselves on.
  • We still carry component for window that we were manufacturing years and years ago. You want your supplier to be able to source replacement parts for your windows.


  • We happily offer our expertise to you for your project to help to make the best choice for you, your life style and your home.

Experience the Langford Windows difference for yourself.



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