Clearvent Windows

The ClearVENT double hung window is designed to give a clear uninterrupted view.  With no horizontal mid-rails, vision is maximized, whilst allowing superb flow ventilation.

Product Features

  • Two panes of glass slide silently past each other via a counter weighted pulley system.
  • Architecturally designed 102mm frame.
  • Sashes are secured with a push button.
  • Available with fixed sill glass panels if safety is an issue.
  • Key lock versions of the latches are also available.
  • Neatly fitted flyscreens without unsightly gaps or turnbuckles.
  • ClearVENT windows can also be inlaid into bifold and hinged door panels. This allows ventilation while doors are closed and locked.
  • Available in either an anodise or powdercoat finish.


  • Series 614 Magnum Suite
  • Series 464 Commercial Suite



12 Mitchell Road, Cardiff, New South Wales, Australia, 2285