This renovated family home is located overlook the way at Port Stephens. Capturing the waterfront view was the key priorty for the home owners, so a commercial range of doors were selected for the large panel sizes that they offered.

A dark powdercoat colour was selected to frame the views and complement the other feature furniture. The large amount of glass throughout the house also meant that the thermal performance of the home needed to be considered. The use of a clear Low E glass helps to keep the rooms comfortable without detracting from the views. The owners also wanted to keep their house as quite from outside noise as possible. Hush glass was used throughout to help achieve this.

The location also means that the house can be exposed to harsh weather  conditions so finding the balance between large expanses of glass and  weather performance was key.

Centor retractable screens were selected to give screened ventilation when he doors are open, but to retract a away when not in use so not to distract from the view. Aco flowthru draines were used on the outside of the door sill to allow the doors to be flush level inside to out without having to worry about water issues. 


466 Langford Suite Awning Windows
400 Langford Suite Fixed Windows
525 Langford Suite Louvre Windows 
400 Langford Suite Hinged Doors
704 Langford Suite Stacking Doors


Clear Low E Glass
ICON Stainless steel hardware
Centor retractable screens
Aco flowthru stainless steel drain





12 Mitchell Road, Cardiff, New South Wales, Australia, 2285