Located as closed to the beach as possible is modern home needed to be able to capture the amazing views but also stand up to the extreme weather conditions it faces.

The house was designed around the beach views, with the main living areas over looking the coast line. Bifold doors were selected as they allow the entire wall to be opened up to capture the view. Large fixed were were also used extensively on the beach elevation to keep the slight lines clean and un-obstructed. 

Awning windows were used throughout the house due to their excellent weather performance and allows the windows to be partially opened to circulate air when the weather turns. 

The Duratec powdercoat range were used on the frames. This range is designed for coastal applications and has an extended warranty.

Awning windows were used throughout the house as they have a neat square appearance in keeping with the modern styling.

ICON hardware was selected for the doors to complement the square and streamline styling of the house


616 Langford Suite Awning Windows
616 Langford Suite Fixed Windows
548 Langford Suite Hinged Doors


Low E glass
Duratec powdercoat frames





12 Mitchell Road, Cardiff, New South Wales, Australia, 2285